This isn’t your annoying roommate’s study abroad blog. If you read one thing and then never ever look at this blog again, I suggest it might be this.

I’m not here to reassure my mom I’m still alive.

I don’t care if I’ve learned a lesson every week.

I do not mind if the friends I make are new or old; we’re all scared and alone here.

I will babble and ramble and say whatever the fuck I want because guess what…


This is for me. This is about me. This is me.

If you have the notion that this is going to be a filtered version of my experience, filled with instagramable photos and quotes that belong on the walls of a sorority house, you know how to leave. The big red x in the corner for those of you who don’t.

I can’t promise it will be pretty, or clean, or even upbeat. I’m going to swear (sorry Grandma) and be open and vulnerable and honest about this weird, incredible experience I have the great fortune of undertaking.

Its going to be a wild ride.