Bad Omens

Let’s talk about omens.
Were I a superstitious person I might say the universe was against my leaving for this trip. I’ve faced a shit storm of destruction leading up to my departure. First things first:

The Saturday before my flight I fell forward against all odds while bouldering and got whiplash while trying to de-stress a bit.

Sunday I pulled a muscle in my forearms getting a water bottle out of the cabinet while packing.

Monday I pepper sprayed myself to disastrous consequences.

Tuesday I left home for the airport and twisted my ankle walking out the door to my car.

Wednesday, the morning of my flight, I awoke with blood streaming from my nose.

And those where just the physical omens. It gets worse but I won’t bore you with the semantics.

The most painful was as I was walking to get my ticket in the airport, my lucky necklace- a safety blanket of sorts- shattered around my neck without warning. Serious sign that I should turn back now and run; fucking run.

It was almost enough to convince me to become a superstitious person; to take the pieces of my necklace and my bruised body and run for the nearest mountain top.
But then good things started to happen as soon as I had my tickets in my hand. My mom was able to come with me to the gate to say goodbye because the agent took pity on her sadness- she also gave us a tissue box- so I didn’t have to wait alone. I didn’t have to upgrade the rest of my flights because the it turns out the rest of my flight wasn’t with fucking United and their cheap ass basic economy no carry on policy but that’s another story.

The best part was at the gate. My mom presented me with a new necklace she had for me to take to India; a medallion composed of an old map showing Mineral County and my little Creede at the top. It hangs by my heart as I write this.
I might be dangerously dehydrated from crying and most likely going to remain so for the next 24 hours because airplane bathrooms scare me but I have home next to my heart right where it belongs; I always have. And that’s good enough for me. Knowing that, I can handle whatever other bad omens come my way. Here’s to the next leg of this journey.

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